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  • Layering Long Hair
  • Cutting Curly Hair  
  • Feminine Pixie Cuts 
  • Cutting Accurate Bobs
  • Placing Foils
  • Natural Highlight Weave​s
  • Chunky Highlight Weaves
  • Clipper Cutting
  • Fades

About Us

Special Expertise 

Can't find anyone your hair likes?

Do you have a need for a new professional stylist that caters to your needs?  Susan is in town and ready to give you a knockout style!  

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for a knockout style!


Hair Studio

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Susan has 33 years of experience as a precision hair cutter and hair color artist. She is extremely talented in providing suggestions for your individualized custom cut and color based on your facial features, texture of your hair and your maintenance desires.  

People know Susan as a Hair Designer who listens to her customers, and works with them to deliver the best quality of hair style they are looking for.  

Formerly, Susan has trained with Master Hair Designers, such as Martin Parsons, and uses Pivot Point hair cutting techniques to develop designs.